1. Settings
  2. Furniture
  3. Retail / Exhibitors
  4. Museum Applications
  5. Artistic Glass Walls
  6. Signs
  7. Food Industry
  8. Lighting
  9. Industrial
  10. Science Labs
  11. Agriculture
  12. Construction Industry
  • Settings
    Design and implementation of high scenic quality made by the best designers and architects for Rai TV, Mediaset,…Read more...
  • Furniture
     Realization special structures for furniture and art combined with wood and metal . Furniture civilian infrastructure airports ,…Read more...
  • Signs
    Durability, transparency, lightness and brilliance, make our ideal materials for signs or advertising signs for use indoors or…Read more...
  • Food industry
    Food industry
    The articles obtained by thermoforming sheets , by virtue of the characteristic of hygiene of PMMA , are…Read more...
  • Lighting
    The plastic used is also particularly suitable for the realization of lighting systems : diffusers, ceiling lights ,…Read more...
  • Industrial
    Industrial lighting - special technical equipment - levels - spies - transparent protections - containers - protections for…Read more...
  • Science Labs
    Science Labs
    Processing, thermoforming of plastics used are particular application in the field of scientific labotari , equipment or measurement…Read more...


The Smia soc.coop. to R. L. is a cooperative that operates successfully thanks to the creativity and the long experience of its members in the field of plastics processing. Protot...




La Prova del Cuoco

Realizzazione tavoli a forma di Padelle e frigoriferi stile Smeg. LA PROVA DEL CUOCO stagione 2017/2018  


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