Dr Fleming


dr fleming


 Dr Fleming is a franchising network specialized in the development of pharmacies, drugstores and corner. The project was born from the family Bornino, active in the pharmaceutical industry for three generations, and the WM Capital, a company specializing in Business Format Franchising. The two business realities have created an innovative format after tests on the market for 5 years.

Alessandro Luciani, designer concept store says: "the primary objective of pharmacies and drugstores Dr Fleming is to create innovative retail, based mainly on the provision of services (60% of the space) to the health and well-being through the implementation a new model that takes into account the new buying behavior and the shift of the core business, the past from the sale of the product to the provision of health services by ensuring the rapidity of delivery of the same at low cost. "

The SMIA in collaboration with designer Alessandro Luciani produced furnishings with molded plastic for thermoforming molds specially created giving the store that image only one that has allowed us to collect a lot of attention as well as the specialized channels also of the general media, with appearances on magazine and television programs.
Again the skilled craftsmanship in the plastics processing were able to capture an 'excellent furnishing solution and feature unique and unrepeatable.